About MediScan Teleradiology Solutions

MediScan Teleradiology Solutions, online x-ray reporting  in Bangladesh   is a leader in Bangladesh market also providing CT Scan ,MRI, ECG,EEG  reporting and  PACS software  solutions. The Platform is designed to address needs of Emergency Care, Diagnostic Centers , Physicians, Stand-alone hospitals as well as Chains of hospitals - large or small.

MediScan offers a flexible image acquisition, processing and storage platform that supports different modalities from X-Rays, US, CT, MRI, ECG, Cathlab to PET CT. This is useful for customers who want to move from one modality to another or from film to digital imaging. The products offer the ability to view imaging studies on mobile devices such as iPads , iPhones and Androids.

Our web-based PACS and RISPACS (Radiology Information System) also come with VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive ),Cloud Storage, Zero Foot Print Viewer and many other useful features like video conferencing collaboration .  We have extensive experience of migration of large data and our software is compatible with all hardware and platforms.

MediScan leads the industry as a proven PACS and RISPACS system provider with commendable customization and scalability. MediScan is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and support leading to minimal downtime. This in turn leads to optimum ROI for clients/facilities and affordable, efficient and quality healthcare for the patients.